The Powerbond range of laminators is the backbone of ultra-competitive industries like automotive, composites, aerospace, insulation, defence, medical, filtration, and many others.

It all started about 25 years ago with the launch of the SPL model; then, based on the inputs of our customers and the needs of the new materials and polymers, we developed the HPL and HPC models.

Today, the Powerbond range is the worldwide leading laminator, and we offer it in three versions:

Powerbond SPL

SPL - Standard Pressure Lamination

Powerbond HPL

HPL - High Pressure Lamination

Powerbond HPC

HPC - High Pressure Compression

The Powerbond range is suitable for processing light and delicate formats, sensitive fibres or the heaviest substrate, and flexible, semi-rigid and rigid materials.

All three models have in common the following features:

  • Modular construction – with extendable heating and cooling sections
  • Single or multiple sets of pressure rollers
  • Driven tunnel gap adjustment from 0 to 150mm in 0.1mm steps
  • Independent nip roller gap adjustment
  • Pre-joined or endless, mark-free processing belts
  • Easy and fast belt changing system
  • Perfect and accurate processing belts tracking and tensioning
  • Wide range of power options
  • Multiple and individual heating zones control
  • PLC/HMI with self-diagnosis and complete control of the process