Powder Coater

Reliant has been manufacturing powder coaters for over 30 years, and during this time, developed, perfected and patented some scattering technologies. From a few grams, as low as 5 g/m² of powder adhesive or epoxy resin, to a much heavier load of PLA for bio-composites, our Powerline powder coaters scatter the polymers across the substrates with high accuracy and perfect uniformity.

The main features of our Powerline powder coaters are:

  • Widths from 0.6 to 3.0 metres
  • High volume powder reservoir
  • Adjustable sliding dam plates for powder width control
  • Levelling system to ensure even distribution of powder inside the hopper (depending on the width)
  • Low powder level warning sensor
  • High accuracy adjustable doctor blade
  • Variable speed powder pickup roller
  • Variety of pickup rollers for a wide range of particle sizes
  • PTFE mesh conveyor belt
  • Conveyor cleaning system
  • Powder collection hopper for recycling
  • Manual or automatic hopper height adjustment
  • An anti-static bar for even powder dispensing
  • PLC control of powder volume and speed
  • As an option, automatic feeding systems

Reliant's Powerline powder coaters can be part of a new line or retrofitted into any existing coating line. Furthermore, we can install multiple scattering units on the same line and on wheels and rails to modify the production configuration.