Reliant is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative flat bed laminating equipment. Established in 1969, the Reliant business brings many years of experience to its current state of the art range of machinery. Reliant’s philosophy is to offer high-quality equipment, which is capable of the highest level of flexibility possible. Reliant has thousands of satisfied customers around the world using its equipment, which is proven to provide quality output and a high level of reliability.

Continuous innovation of its product range is the key element in the company’s ongoing success. Reliant flatbed laminators can handle continuously fed materials as well as cut pieces and sheets. Multi-layer lamination in one pass is also achievable on this equipment.

The company offers small and large producers alike, exceptional value and quality throughout the product range.

Reliant machines can be used in conjunction with a wide range of thermoplastic polymers and some thermosetting adhesive systems. Adhesives in film, web, powder, pressure sensitive, and some liquid formats can be processed.

Reliant machines can heat set, compress, and, or calibrate as well as laminate many substrates using the company’s latest technology.