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Coolstream GOS Range

The Coolstream GOS range provides a modular, medium to high capacity laminating system at a cost which is affordable and significantly lower than is usually available in the laminating industry.

Our Reliant Coolstream laminator is available with 2700mm tunnel length.

It features 2700mm of heating capacity or 1700mm of heating and 1000mm of internal cooling capacity and is available in various operating widths from 600mm to 1800mm.

About the Coolstream Range with Reliant’s Unique GOS system

The unique Reliant GOS (Gap Opening System) allows both thin and thicker materials to be processed through the machine without adding significant cost to the equipment.

Semi-rigid, flexible, and flexible substrates of up to about 15mm thick (depending on material types) can be laminated on the Coolstream GOS system.

The Coolstream range is highly adaptable and suitable for processing a wide range of materials including foams, composites, non-wovens, breathable membranes, textiles and similar substrates.

Coolstream Range Available Specification Options

  • Widths from 600mm – 1800mm
  • Tunnels with 2700mm of heating or 1700mm heating & 1000mm cooling
  • Various power and pressure options
  • Analogue and PLC control options
  • GOS system for thicker materials
  • Reliant BSZ Belt Sensing Zone for direct control of product surface temperatures
  • Multiple heating zone control with each zone linked to separate PID controller
  • Reliant Thermatron auto compensating heating and cooling modules
  • Reliant Synchro-Trak motorized highly accurate conveyor belt guidance system
  • Pre-joined and endless belt options with fast and easy belt changing system
  • Full range of peripheral equipment for in-line and turnkey operations
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