Elite Fusing Machine

Elite M60 & M90 Fusing Machine

The Elite Fusing Machine Range brings the output quality of larger fusing equipment to a compact system.

The Elite offers great quality standards at a very affordable cost and space requirement and is suitable for all types of fusing output up to 90cm widths.

Elite Fusing Machine Range Specifications:

  • Low temperature long tunnel technology
  • Full capacity production compact design
  • Separately controlled twin heating zones
  • Straight through flat fusing
  • Easy maintenance system ensures high reliability
  • Auto compensating “floating” heating modules
  • Accurate temperature control for better quality output
  • Ergonomic design for efficient production
  • Four stage cleaning ensures high quality output

Elite Fusing Machine Diagram

Elite M60 Elite M90
Conveyor Fusing Width 600mm (24″) 900mm (36″)
Overall Height 985mm 985mm
Overall Width 1155mm 1455mm
Overall Length 2757mm 2757mm
Net Weight 420kg 490kg
Gross Weight 490kg 580kg
Power Supply 380v-440v 3ph+n/
380v-440v 3ph+n/
Overall Power Rating 8kw Typical 10kw Typical
Temperature Range 0-200ºC 0-200ºC
Air Pressure Range 0-5 bar 0-5 bar
Belt Speed Range in Metres Per Minute 2-11m/m 2-11m/m
Fusing Time Range in Seconds 5-30 secs 5-30 secs